Kenny Hunter

b. 1962

Kenny Hunter was born in Edinburgh in 1962 and studied Fine Art and Sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art during the mid 80s. His most recent major show A Shout in the Street, earlier this year, witnessed Hunter subverting the role of the ‘timeless’ sculptural master piece by creating permanent artworks out of ephemeral objects, considered without value, that crop up in the urban wastelands of any city. Although Hunter’s work may appear to conform to common expectations for sculpture to be in someway ‘monumental’, both in concept and scale, his subject matter and use of materials inherently challenges and questions such values.

Hunter has exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad. He has also a number of high profile, commissions for Scotland including 'Cherub/Skull' (1997) for the Tron Theatre, and 'Citizen Firefighter' (2001) outside Glasgow's Central Station.

Kenny Hunter continues to live and work in Glasgow.

Kenny Hunter
Little Feller by Kenny Hunter