Sam Photic

b. 1986

Based in Devon, Sam Photic is a sculptor, painter and jeweller. Working across a variety of scales and media his works have a unique energy and freshness which is thanks, in part, to his lack of formal, academic, artistic training.

He initially developed his work as a musician, with interests in free jazz and abstraction before he began to look at the visual arts. Taking apprenticeships under several artists and craftsmen, he is self-taught and is now an independent artist. His works are greatly influenced by the isolated Devonshire landscape and the continued encroachment of society upon it.

Photic works with a wide range of materials including steel, wood, aluminium, traditional precious metals and plastic.

Sam Photic
DusS-153 by Sam Photic DusS-152 by Sam Photic DusS-151 by Sam Photic JoyS-140 by Sam Photic JoyS-131 by Sam Photic JoyS-128 by Sam Photic JoyS-127 by Sam Photic JoyS-126 by Sam Photic