Ceramics in Focus

21st November - 18th April 2019

Pangolin London are putting the spotlight on contemporary sculptural ceramics with this mixed group exhibition, showcasing the work of Merete Rasmussen, Jason Wason, Jon Buck, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, Peter Randall-Page RA, and William Tucker RA.

The diverse range of works on show demonstrates the varied possibilities of the medium, for instance incorporating digital technology, as used by Zachary Eastwood-Bloom to bring his concepts to life before being hand-finished.

Peter Randall-Page RA is considered one of the most highly regarded stone carvers of his generation whose large-scale commissions include the 70 tonne ‘Seed’ at the Eden Project.

Merete Rasmussen hand builds her complex contoured shapes using the coiling technique, and enjoys the challenging nature of the material. During her studies she travelled widely, with the sand dunes of Namibia having a particular influence on Rasmussen's.

William Tucker RA, having come from the abstract, industrial sculpture that emerged in the 1960s, found himself later returning the more figurative, hands on approach, and whose later works play with ambiguity of form, volume, and surface.

Jason Wason's surroundings, having lived in the dramatic landscapes of both Scotland and Cornwall, have clearly informed his ceramic work, while also fusing ancient elements of design from the many cultures seen on his Eastern travels.

Jon Buck has always regarded colour as one of the sensory delights of the human experience, often combining it with precise lines and symbols, inspired greatly by art outside the Western tradition, and by humans' connection to the natural world.

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Ceramics in Focus