First Year BA (Hons) Ceramic Design, Central Saint Martins

17th May - 30th June 2017

This project focused on identity – how ones’ identity directs creative ideas and personal vision. Students were asked to consider what the noun ‘identity’ means to them and how they define their own identity. As a group of students, they are from different cultural backgrounds around the world, which will have influenced their character, the things they like and surround themselves with and the way they look.

It is challenging to be self-reflective in this way, but helpful to consider how one comes across personally, professionally and creatively. They were asked to consider a number of questions:

• How do you present yourself to others – do you present different aspects of your personality?

• What are your personal and professional values?

• How would other people describe you?

• What excites, intrigues, or gives you hope?

• What frustrates or angers you?

• What has influenced you creatively recently?

• Now that you are located in London how does this affect your identity, sense of individuality, ‘self’ distinctiveness?

• How has your life changed? Do you feel you have changed? How has your sense of home changed?

• How do you juggle the different elements of your life?

• What bearing has your living accommodation and area where you live have on your day-to-day life?

• Is your physical identity the same as your virtual identity?

Students were asked to draw, reflect, make maquettes, create design boards towards making 2 specific objects:

1. Faceplate

2. Flatback

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