Spotlight Artist

Susie MacMurray

13th March - 12th June 2019

This season our Spotlight Artist is Susie MacMurray, who recently joined Pangolin London's roster of artists.

An alchemist at heart, MacMurray has a talent for sensitively combining materials, leading to unique and beautifully hand-crafted sculptures, installations and intricate drawings. Delicate, sensuous velvet contrasts with cold, tangled wire often reclaimed from battlefields or training grounds; soft round droplets of white beeswax are painstakingly placed at the ends of sleek lengths of black wire - there is no hierarchy of material in MacMurray’s work, rather refreshing transformation.

A former classical musician, she retrained as an artist, graduating with an MA in Fine Art in 2001. She lives and works in Manchester and has an international exhibition profile, showing regularly in the USA and Europe as well as the UK.

This selection of work gives a glimpse into Susie MacMurray's enigmatic work.

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Spotlight Artist